About Arovita Paints & Pastels


It Takes One to Know One


Arovita Paints & Pastels is new on the artists' supply scene; so, we can't rely on predecessors’ grandeur and tradition. We make the materials we love. Being artists too, we apply the same enduring obsessive pursuit of skill, perfection, and knowledge to our paints and pastels as we do in our art. As our expressions evolve with tastes and times, our products are refined and adapted to ensure artists achieve their ambitions like we desire to fulfill our artistic objectives.


We’re Our Most Relentless Critic


Arovita Paints & Pastels offers only superior paints, pastels, pigments, and other artist supplies. Because we manufacture our products in small batches, we oversee – with meticulous scrutiny – that our end state products meet the highest standards.


Agility and Always Learning


Arovita Paints & Pastels values your artistic experiences with our materials; we want to know what you think about our service and products. Tell us about the good and the bad; you may think it peculiar, but we're more interested in the bad so we can improve to provide artists with the best products available.

Why Arovita Paints & Pastels?

We offer the largest possible pigment load in our pastels and paints.


Arovita Paints & Pastels does not add adulterant fillers  like clay or chalk to dilute pigment in paints; so colours are rich and true.


Our oil paints are made with organic cold-pressed walnut and linseed oils. Cold-pressed siccative oils, unlike refined siccative oils (made with high heat and solvents) give your work the best chance to survive well past you.


Our pastels only contain extenders like kaolin clay or talc if the extenders improve pastel tactility and performance. An individual pigment's physical properties determines the use of extenders.


Arovita Paints & Pastels is a family owned and operated business. So, all your communications to us for issues like technical advice and after-sales services are received and answered by us. We will always respond with courtesy and practical solutions because we depend on you and we know it. We’re also artists from ages 3 to 43 and not bean counters who cut corners to save a dime.


Arovita Paints & Pastels competes with other small label and big brand art supply makers and distributors. We know competition in the market place is always beneficial to consumers because it forces vendors and makers to be better. So by supporting us, you force us and our competition to be better producers and manufacturers of the things you want and need.

Arovita Paints & Pastels' Promise


If your Arovita Paints & Pastels product disappoints you, we promise to refund or replace your purchase.


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