Drying Oils

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Oils like walnut and linseed are called “drying” or “siccative” oils because they cure to make a solid film when exposed to air; this is one reason why walnut and linseed oils are excellent for making oil paints, varnishes, and stains. The siccative or drying process is called “autoxidation”. Autoxidation happens when oxygen from the air is absorbed by the drying oil. Not all seed or vegetable oils are suitable for making oil paints; these oils include non-drying types such as: olive oil, peanut oil, and almond oil and semi-drying types like: grape seed oil, sesame oil, and corn oil. 

Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

From the seeds of Linum usitatissimum, comes cold pressed linseed oil. Cold pressed linseed oil is made without the use of heat or solvents. Linseed oil is also known as flaxseed oil. Linseed oil has been commonly exploited to make oil paints for centuries because of its drying properties. Science shows that autoxidation in drying oils lower in linolenic acid than cold pressed linseed oil produce voids or channels within paint film causing potential collapse of the polymer structures and negatively affect paint’s behaviour with solvents. There are several linseed oils used to make oil paint. These include: sun-bleached, sun-thickened, polymerised, alkali-refined, and cold pressed. Each linseed oil has unique properties that make it more or less desirable depending on the paint maker or artist’s intention and preference. Linum usitatissimum is also the plant that gives us linen.

Cold Pressed Walnut Oil

Squeezed from the fruit of Juglans regia, cold pressed walnut oil is one of the oldest known vehicles in oil paint. Caves in Afghanistan provide the earliest known examples of oil painting dating from the 7th century AD; walnut oil was one of the vehicles used in these paintings. Much more expensive than other siccative oils, walnut oil paints are also more vibrant than oil paints made from other drying oils. Walnut oil cures slower than other drying or siccative oils too, drying in four to five days. Like other cold pressed oils, our walnut oil is made without the use of heat or solvents.

Cold Pressed Walnut Oil Safety Data Sheet

Cold Pressed Linseed Oil Safety Data Sheet


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