The Ugliest Pastels that Paint Beautifully

“No other medium is so close to nature. None produces tones so true. It is the flesh of the goddesses. If pastels do not sometimes have as much force as oil paints, it is less the fault of the pastel than the hand that employs it.”


- Anonymous, 18th century

In the most basic sense, soft pastels are a paste composed of coloured substances, which have been crushed, mixed with pure water, and dried after being rolled into shapes. Our soft pastels are handmade with distilled water and only the finest pigments sourced from the earth’s four corners. A minimum amount of binder is used to maintain our pastels’ shape and consistency; for our binder, we only use premium grade tragacanth. Our soft pastels also contain a small amount of pure Indian clove bud oil as a natural preservative to ensure pastel stick longevity by minimizing possible bacterial and fungal damage during storage. 


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